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A bit about Aerial Antics

Aerials circus arts are a combination of circus and acrobatic dance that provide an exciting approach to fitness through creative expression. We offer classes for all levels of fitness, ages 8+. Join us to tone, tighten and recruit every muscle in your body in a supportive and fun atmosphere. All of our coaches are certified instructors and professional performers motivated to share their passion and help participants meet their individual goals.

We offer weekly low ratio classes (max 6 students), private lessons and training times on aerial fabric (silks), aerial hoop (lyra/cerceaux), rope (corde lisse), static trapeze and aerial sling (hammock) with over 30 feet of height at Laws of Motion. Learn to fly in a safe and welcoming environment that inspires participants from all backgrounds. 

Meet the program director

Phot of Melissa the owner of Aerial Antics

Melissa Landry

Melissa has been teaching and performing on aerial silks since 2012. It is the wraps, drops, twists and dives that drive her to continue but also the personal satisfaction in achieving the unexpected. Her obsession with movement art has pushed her skill development in other circus arts such as poi, hooping and fire manipulation. Melissa graduated from the Ecole Nationale de Cirque, Montreal Canada in the Professional Trainer program with specializations in corde lisse (aerial rope), fabric and tightwire. She also has professional certification (New England Center for Circus Arts) and training (Paper Doll Militia) from circus schools and aerial performance professionals in Canada and the United States. She is a member of the Cirquonscient performance collective.

Aerial Antics Logo

For questions: or call 613-889-2836

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