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Trampoline classes

Trampoline deck are at Laws of Motion

We offer everything from beginner to highly advanced trampoline training. 

For children and beginners, we offer maximum safety and highly supervised trampoline training. Our coach to athlete ratio is one of the lowest in the city at 1:6, with a maximum of two athletes sharing a trampoline. This means that all of our students get the most out of their trampoline time. 

In addition to these recreational classes, we specialize in offering trampoline training to elite athletes needing to upscale their skills. Trampoline has become an essential tool for those who wish to develop superior skills flipping and twisting in the air. Aerial Skiers, Divers, Wake Boarders, Cheerleaders and Artistic Gymnasts all stand to benefit from learning correct Aerial techniques. 

On a trampoline the force of each landing is dispersed over an extended period of time. Trampoline therefore becomes an ideal training environment. Many repetitions can be performed in a short period of time with less stress on the body. Simply put, an athlete who is correctly coached on a trampoline is less likely to be injured during the learning process. 

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